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  A global network of voice agents and independent, self recording VO artists

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Welcome to Virtual Sound, the smartest way to find and remotely record voice talent for all types of content. We find the perfect voice, direct and record them remotely and deliver the final takes, along with the rest of your audio, ready to go live while you get on with the rest of production.


It’s not easy to find the perfect voice for your project… briefing agents, booking studios and talent, moving sessions…    We have mastered this workflow so that your casting, recording and usage are one simple process, handled remotely by our producers. 

We are so much more than a voice agency

We work closely with voice agents and independent talent to curate the ultimate professional network.
Content producers spend hours briefing multiple voice agents, listening to hundreds of voice reels, negotiating usage fees… we simply do all this for you, leaving you to focus on the creative choices and the rest of the production. Our experienced team distills and distributes your brief, sources voice reels from our global network of 100’s of agents and independent voices, and delivers you a small selection of relevant examples which fit your brief and budget. We then negotiate usage terms and execute licenses on your behalf.

You receive one invoice for the whole process

We really believe in finding the best voice talent for your brief. Whether it’s a recognisable celebrity voice, an experienced voice actor with hundreds of commercials under their belt, fresh new talent, or an unusual request that requires some real digging.. we will find the perfect voice from one of our partner voice agencies or our network of award winning, self-recording independent voice artists, then set up a session and produce the sound to completion for you (you can, of course, dial in if needed).
So, if you’re looking for the best way to record voices remotely, give us a call and we will put together a quote for your project. Whether small and simple or big and complex.

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