Zoflora - Kills Germs Beautifully

Zoflora ⋯ Kills Germs Beautifully

Commercial Research / Licensing

Zoflora ⋯ Kills Germs Beautifully

Various searches, license negotiation and contract execution handled by us at Thirty Two Music.

The iconic voice of Edith Piaf lends gravitas and charisma to the protagonist... and the brand. The way the film was created (without CGI) gives it a unique movement and visual quality.

As described by Shots... "A marvellously elegant woman struts through her home, and in her wake, flower petals, dried fruit, and roses bloom... the film is strangely transcendent, a mythical fantasy of cleaning in a home that feels marvellously surreal. Amid herbs and citrus, the home becomes a beautiful place again.

Creative and production outfit Quiet Storm shot the entire Zoflora commercial in camera. Using a phantom camera on a Bolt Motion controlled rig, the hi-speed explosions were shot at 500 FPS, then combined with the 25 FPS movement of the hero character."