Niantic | Meet You Out There

Niantic ⋯ Meet You Out There

Integrated Audio Production

Niantic ⋯ Meet You Out There

This epic film for Niantic - developer of Pokémon Go and other AR games - encourages people to get outside, explore, and connect with friends - old and new. This film celebrates their mission and global community.

Niantic are a brand who are all about positivity, fun and wonder. Their augmented reality games inspire people to get outside while simultaneously changing their relationship to the world around them. It's magic, but rooted in our reality

This film, Meet You Out There, is their first foray into the world of brand ads and was a huge and complicated project with multiple global shoot locations and a long and involved post schedule.

Many different creative and logistical problems needed to be solved to take this project from brief to delivery. Music is always a tricky part of a production because of its innate subjectivity, especially on this project where there were several routes in which the creative could be taken. Multiple rounds of research were performed in collaboration with the agency team and directors, and once we'd agreed upon the right track we were able to work directly with the artists to produce a bespoke version of it that enhanced the sense of wonder at the climax of the piece.

We produced sound design in tandem with bespoke music edits, ensuring that we had a consistent sound and balance throughout the piece. Our sound team designed a unique sound for the airship which was seamlessly integrated into the key and pace of the music to produce a sound environment that inspired the necessary awe. Sound design was able to evolve with the developing VFX, the close collaboration with the agency and the unique nature of our model meaning that new developments were able to be managed without delay.

We managed the voice recording and script changes, booking and remotely attending sessions and managing assets.

Our integrated model means meticulous management of all suppliers, which saves the production team a huge amount of time and energy and delivers peace of mind through direct accountability. Problem solving and reactivity are rapid and efficient, and there was a lot of that to be done on this one.

Services Provided

Sound design, Foley recording, voice recording, music supervision and rights management.


Agency - Gravity Road

Production Company - Pulse Films

Director: Julien & Quentin

Music Supervision - Alex Lodge and Toby Slade-Baker via Thirty Two Music

Music - The Mae Shi 'Lamb and the Lion'