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Netflix ⋯ I Like To Watch ⋯ Best Bits

Integrated Audio Production

Netflix ⋯ I Like To Watch ⋯ Best Bits

Drag Queens Baga Chipz and The Vivienne settle in to watch Sex Education, Tiger King, The Stranger and Love is Blind. Here's some of the funniest moments from I Like To Watch UK Season Once, including previously unseen footage.

We love the I Like To Watch UK series, which is good as we've done the sound for 19 of them (and counting). We composed the theme tune, wrote the musical transitions and have done the mix on every one. If you're a fan of blue humour and want to see the rest of them, click here for a playlist of all 19 films. 

Services Provided

Composition of theme tunes and musical transitions, audio cleanup and final mix.