Hotel Chocolat - The Velvetiser

Hotel Chocolat ⋯ The Velvetiser Series

Integrated Audio Production

Hotel Chocolat ⋯ The Velvetiser Series

Gravity Road have come back to us to work across all the audio on the Hotel Chocolat TVCs. 

2022 - Briefed to find a similar voice to Katherine Parkinson's (The IT Crowd), so that's exactly who we secured and recorded for the spot. 

Returning to us to help on their 2023 films which involved composing and producing a musical world for approval before the richness and movement of the visual world was fully formed, then working backwards to craft it to the picture.

Contributors - Agency / Production

Agency - Gravity Road

Agency Producers - Camille Hanish-Oakes & Paul Burke

Head of Production - Katie Farmer

Creatives - Matt Verity & Douglas Bowen

Contributors - Thirty Two / Virtual Sound

Music Supervisors - Toby Slade-Baker & Alex Lodge

Composer - Keiran Merrick

Sound Designers - Joe Wilkinson & Andrew Beaton