Disney X Balmain - Circle of Life

Disney X Balmain ⋯ Circle of Life

Bespoke Composition

Disney X Balmain ⋯ Circle of Life

"I was only nine years old when ‘The Lion King’ first released, but even now, almost three decades later, I can close my eyes and replay that incredible mix of music, images, and emotions. The lessons I absorbed, as I sat transfixed by the giant screen, have stayed with me for life" Olivier Rousteing, creative director at Balmain.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of “The Lion King,” Balmain has partnered with Disney for a special, limited-edition collection designed by Olivier Rousteing. Those designs are featured in a film shot by @femi26 in South Africa, which blends together striking designs and breathtaking scenery, as it focuses on a Rousteing-led Balmain Army, composed of models from all across Africa.

Disney x Balmain: The Lion King collection finds inspiration in Africa’s artisanal traditions, while celebrating a new generation of African talents.