Diageo | Legends Untold

Diageo ⋯ Legends Untold

Diageo ⋯ Legends Untold

In 2021 Diageo announced the Legends Untold collection, 8 unique and limited edition whiskies from historic distilleries. 

With this collection, Diageo's fables of mythical creatures guarding the precious secrets of their renowned Scottish distilleries were revealed and brought to life through the magic of immersive multi-sensory augmented reality experiences, unlocked by on-pack QR codes. 

Our agency client Gravity Road needed a partner that could navigate the production and delivery of ambisonic sound design for the AR experiences, while managing the process of long form VO recording and bringing it all together alongside the perfect track for the launch film. 

Each individual AR experience focussed on a different fable, and required sound design crafted to the experience. We produced this in tandem with the VFX studio, so often weren't working directly to the picture. This presented its own set of challenges, but a strong line of communication between the VS and agency production teams meant that any problems were circumvented.

Long form voice recording requires meticulous session production to make sure that any pronunciations of place pr brand names are correct in amongst multiple pages of text. Our production team were on hand in every session to catch individual moments and get it right first time.

After creative consultation with the agency we were given the freedom to create the music brief for the launch film, resulting in a track which tells the story perfectly.


Agency - Gravity Road

Sound Design - Mott & White

Partner Studio - Voiceover Soho

VFX / WebAR - Zappar