Splash Worldwide – Nike Ekins content

Splash is a forward thinking creative production company that specialises in producing and reversioning creative media for distribution across all touch points.

The Ekins program was created by Nike to spread the word about the brand through the lens of its most serious advocates. People who have sport at the heart of everything they do and who use Nike products professionally. An ‘Ekin’ is a person who embodies the values of the brand. In the media they are storytellers, product gurus and community leaders… they even have Ekin-exclusive shoes and products. (This Bustle Article refers to them as a secret cult…   which is probably a step too far but good PR :)).

For these projects Splash created in-store audiovisual assets featuring real Ekins from around Europe.

Our process:

  • Agree budget, specs and timeline
  • Book partner studios in multiple territories for dial-in voice record
  • Collect, translate, check and format multi-language scripts and distribute to all parties
  • Send Ekins to studios and dial-in info to all other parties
  • Dial in to manage session and direct multiple takes to ensure we are getting what we need for the final edit
  • Choose engineer for final mix
  • Save and distribute all recorded audio assets
  • Comp and edit all preferred VO takes into final script  (alt takes are logged in case needed later)
  • Set up projects and manage engineer through mix
  • Approval and delivery of all scripts
  • Securely back up all projects

Services Provided

  • Book partner studios for remote recording
  • Dial in and manage session
  • Broadcast sound mix
  • Pay all parties and issue a single invoice to our client.

Virtual Sound bring a high level of knowledge and creativity to all the projects I’ve worked on them with. They are hardworking and solution orientated, always finding a way to get things done no matter the budget or time restrictions! They  are also just the nicest guys to work with!!

Producer, Jellyfish
Producer, Jellyfish