Netflix – I Like To Watch

‘I like to watch’ is a wildly popular (and very naughty) series in the US which Netflix have re-imagined for a UK audience.

As a web series for the Netflix Youtube channel ‘I like to watch’ doesn’t have the big production budgets or long lead times you might expect with a full ‘TV’ series, but with Netflix there is no compromise on production values.

These episodes are delivered quickly and frequently. Netflix need to ensure that sound (and music) are produced to the highest standard, on time and within allocated budgets.

We deliver all sound professionally mixed to broadcast specs for youtube, with integrated musical bumpers / transitions from the title theme (composed for Netflix by Thirty Two Music).

Our process:

  • Take sound brief from client (and in this case music as well)
  • Agree budget, specs and timeline
  • Music brief handled by Thirty Two Music
  • Choose the right engineer for the job
  • Clean up audio and output mix to correct broadcast specs
  • Rounds of feedback (in this case, one)
  • Approval and delivery
  • Back up all projects

Services provided:

  • Cleanup of supplied audio (recorded on set)
  • Broadcast Sound Mix and integration of all sound / music elements
  • Quick turnaround to production schedule, same day mix, feedback and delivery
  • Music composition – main theme, end credits and all scene transition bumpers (Thirty Two Music)
  • Pay all parties and issue a single invoice to our client

Result: First episode completed and delivered in 2 days, each subsequent episode less than one day. Happy client.

Virtual Sound have been a trusted partner of mine for ages. They've always been up for a curveball or two, and have never failed to deliver the goods. A pleasure to work with

Creative Studio, Netflix
Creative Studio, Netflix