M+C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment – Powerade

M+C Saatchi is one of the UK’s established advertising institutions. Sport and Entertainment is a digital production team within the agency that specialise in brand content production.

The agency created a series of online content films for Powerade starring international footballers Philip Lahm and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez. The agency had a limited total budget to complete all sound, including music. 

We provided a complete set of sound services within their budget, including a search for the perfect voiceover and library music, and an attended voice over record… (though ultimately a more bespoke approach to music was required so we composed two unique tracks with Thirty Two Music). Our production team created an efficient workflow with the agency to ensure that both the creative and the service elements worked in tandem, and that the many assets were approved and delivered for the deadline.

Our process:

  • Develop 3 separate briefs with the client. 1. Voice. 2. Sound. (3. Music)
  • Agree budget, specs and timeline
  • Do independent search with our voice network for the perfect voice
  • Select the right sound designer / mix engineer
  • Book 3rd party studio from our partner network for attended VO session
  • Book selected VO and send to session. Send client to session.
  • Attend and manage session ourselves with scripts and all necessary assets.
  • Collect and organise all audio assets. Set up projects / workflow
  • Multiple passes and rounds of client feedback
  • Approval and delivery of all scripts
  • Securely back up all projects
  • (music by Thirty Two Music)

Services Provided

  • Voice casting and usage negotiation
  • Voice recording. Studios booked through our partner network for an attended session.
  • Sound design
  • Broadcast sound mix
  • Pay all parties and issue a single invoice to our client

Result: 16 films delivered over 2 weeks to a very happy agency and an even happier brand client who couldn’t believe what they achieved for their budget.


VS are the perfect solution for our turnarounds and needs. Knowing that all of your audio is being handled professionally takes a lot of the pressure off. No project is too small or complicated and they will always look to find the best solution for your budget / timeframe – our budget goes a lot further. On a personal note, they are an incredible team who are an absolute pleasure to work with

Content Producer, M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment
Content Producer, M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment