Gucci / Condé Nast – Natasha Lyonne (‘The Performers’)

Gucci needs no introduction. ‘The Performers’ is a series of highly creative and unusual films produced in conjunction with GQ and Vogue, which give an insight into the world of individual actors and musicians via the minds of visionary directors.

As the production company, Condé Nast’s challenge was to (quickly) create a sound world that fit with the sophisticated yet hallucinatory feel of the film without drawing attention away from its star. (Natasha Lyonne is so cool!)

On each film in the series (See also Benjamin Clementine and Ghali) we worked closely with the director to engage deeply with the conceptual world they were creating so we could create thoughtful sound design which compliments the film in every way.

Our process: 

  • Collect assets, set up projects
  • ‘Spot’ the film with the director and identify key moments where sound is required. Throw around ideas about how to execute it.
  • Agree budget, specs and timeline
  • Select a sound designer from our network who will best suit this type of project
  • Work through a first pass with the sound designer and present to client for feedback
  • 2nd pass of sound design. Feedback round 2
  • Feedback rounds 3, 4, 5 as necessary
  • Final tweaks, broadcast mix and delivery
  • Pay all parties and issue a single invoice to our client
  • Securely back up all projects

Services provided:

  • Creative sound design
  • Broadcast sound mix
  • Pay all parties and issue a single invoice to our client

Result: On the first film we did a simple mix but the agency were so happy with what we brought to the project that we were given the responsibility of sound design for the next 2 films. Success.

Sound design is the most creative of our services at VS and the collaboration with Gucci / Condé Nast allows us to explore it.

Virtual Sound have been a blessing for our workflow - it is so great to simply send a brief, and then have the sound design and mix all taken care of at such a high spec. Our endless music searches are now a thing of the past too! Thank you!

Post Producer, Condé Nast
Post Producer, Condé Nast