VO casting, recording and usage, studio booking, SFX, Foley, sound design, library music search and usage...

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Premium sound services for all types of content... produced and delivered remotely.

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Audio post re-imagined for a new era of content production

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Welcome to Virtual Sound, a smart new way to manage your audio post production in this new era of content. We produce impeccable sound remotely and deliver it, ready to go live, while you get on with the rest of the production.


Audio post is a big chunk of the production process with multiple suppliers to manage and moving parts to coordinate. Broadcast sound mix, sound design, Foley, SFX placement, voice casting, VO recording and usage negotiation, script translation and library music searches. That’s a lot of stuff.

We have carefully curated a global network of audio engineers, sound studios, voice agents, independent voice over artists (with their own broadcast standard suites for self recording), sound designers... all managed by our experienced production team from our production base in London, and hosted in the ether to create..

...a virtual facility that challenges the concept of a traditional audio post production house.

We have spent many years with our advertising clients in Soho audio post facilities, and while we also love to order sushi and coffee from a comfy sofa…

.....today’s media production landscape requires a more affordable and flexible audio post production service

Our sofa is virtual. A sofa of the mind if you like. Making you feel comfortable that your production is in the safest possible hands.
Our production team has many years of on-the-job experience project-managing audio workflow in the advertising and brand space so you always know the production will be handled with efficiency and expertise. We can plug into your audio post workflow in any way that suits you. Producing one simple element or taking the whole lot off your hands…..

...we manage and pay all suppliers then send you one invoice for the whole job

Our services include … broadcast mixes for any and all media platforms, foley recording and production, and more creative SFX and sound design, finding the perfect voice over talent from one of our partner voice agencies or our network of award winning, self-recording independent voice artists, setting up and managing a remote VO session, finding and licensing the perfect library track and managing the whole process to completion remotely, so you don’t need to leave your desk / sofa / kitchen table. Fast.

If this sounds good to you, give us a call and we will put together a quote for your project. Whether small and simple or big and complex. We look forward to hearing from you


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