Welcome to Virtual Sound, an exciting new model for remote / unattended audio post-production. We produce impeccable sound and deliver it straight to your inbox, while you get on with the rest of the production. Check out how it works in About and Services.

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We are a network of audio producers, studios and engineers carefully curated, managed and hosted centrally from our production bases in London and Barcelona to create a virtual facility that challenges the concept of a traditional post-house.

Virtual Sound is an audio post-house without the house.

We have spent many years with our advertising clients in Soho post facilities, and while we also like to order sushi and coffee from a comfy sofa...

...today’s media production landscape requires a more affordable and flexible audio post service.

For those of you looking to maximise the quality you achieve with a more limited budget and don’t require the frills that come with attended Soho sessions, we are designed and built for you.

We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their individual requirements, and with our engineers to deliver audio of extremely high quality for a fraction of the cost.

Every producer and engineer at VS has at least 15 years experience in multimedia audio production. We have specialists in every known discipline and innovators in disciplines of the (near) future. The digital audiovisual landscape is ever-evolving and we take pride in adapting to it. If there’s a way to achieve something new and unusual we’ll find it and master it.

Want to attend a session or approve a VO take?

Don’t worry, we use simple and accessible video conferencing technology to enable part attended remote sessions where required.

No hidden extras!

Upload, transfer, back up, recall, printing etc are all included... For rate cards and specific quotes:

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